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This Corporation is organized under the laws pursuant to the provisions of "The General Not For
Profit Corporation Act"
of the State of Illinois. The name "Midwest Yoshinkai Aikido Association"
and the octagonal logo are registered with the State of Illinois and the United States of America.
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Midwest Yoshinkai Aikido Association
A Not for Profit Martial Art Association Dedicated to the Betterment of Self
through the Art of Harmony

Agatsukan - Morgan Park - Seigokan
The Yoshinkan style is one of two main Aikido styles recognized by the Japanese
Government and is world renown for its robust, practical applications. The World
Headquarters for Yoshinkan Aikido is located in Tokyo, Japan. This style is taught to
the Tokyo Riot Police, Metropolitan Police Officers and military forces throughout
Japan. The Female Officers of the Tokyo Metro Police are
REQUIRED to study
Yoshinkan Aikido.

Because of the wide dissemination to Japanese law and military forces, the
Yoshinkan Hombu dojo innovated a teaching method that systematized 6 basic
movements and categorized 150 basic techniques, that when thoroughly mastered
allow one to freely apply any one of the thousands of remaining techniques. With the
development of solid basics, Yoshinkan Aikido provides a powerful means of self
defense without undue aggression.

The Yoshinkan style is not limited to just learning solid basic technique and self
defense. Strong emphasis is also placed on gaining insight into the conduct of life
and human relationships. Yoshinkan Aikido as a martial art, is noncompetitive and
nonviolent. With cooperation, harmony, timing and control one is able to overcome
aggression and strength in any of life's situations.
Midwest Yoshinkai Aikido Association - Seigokan Logo
Midwest Yoshinkai Aikido Association - Seigokan Logo
International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation
Established 1963
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